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Achilles ancient war Free online version of Achilles war Newgrounds games,You have to help Achilles to destroy his enemies, Achilles is surrounded with enemies.firstly you have to study how to use swor [...]
Wild kong In this Newgrounds action game you have to help wild Kong to destroy everything .You will help to destroy cars and eat all peoples.When Kong eats all people level is completed.
Globo_Corchete This is HTML5 version of the GloboCorchete, my first game for android. It contains easy starting levels from every section and a special level from the hard levels. Enjoy the game [...]
Flappy Kite html5 game (right button of mouse to make the plan fligth right button of mouse to make the plan fligth
?Saccade? It seems that the Scirra Arcade has butchered the resolution. Sorry! Play it on Newgrounds or Kongregate. “A saccade is a fast movement of an eye, head or other part of an an [...]
Our Square Hero (Original Prototype Version) “Our Square Hero” is a minimalist 2D platformer I started developing for fun. Since then, the game has changed quite a bit, and now resides at Frankly, [...]
Weapons on Wheels 2 Summary rn Weapons on Wheels 2 is a fast-paced, action-filled racing game – with a twist.  If you can’t outmaneuver your opponents, you can just blast them off the road [...]
Weedman This is a simple platform game that contains a heap of useless features:- Yes, you can go left, right and jump- A damsel in distress to rescue, in an excellent intro that you can d [...]
11 Seconds The long-awaited sequel of award-winning “I Wanna Win!” game! You have 11 creatively designed minigames and only 11 seconds for each! More of that: the 11th second is g [...]
Destructor2015 Voxel based First Person Shooter created in Flash. This is an updated version (maintenance release) of the original game “Destructor” (2012). OBJECTIVE:Destroy the worl [...]