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Weedman This is a simple platform game that contains a heap of useless features:– Yes, you can go left, right and jump– A damsel in distress to rescue, in an excellent intro th [...]
11 Seconds The long-awaited sequel of award-winning “I Wanna Win!” game! You have 11 creatively designed minigames and only 11 seconds for each! More of that: the 11th second is g [...]
Destructor2015 Voxel based First Person Shooter created in Flash. This is an updated version (maintenance release) of the original game “Destructor” (2012). OBJECTIVE:Destroy the worl [...]
Bad 2 Player Game I Made With Swords. It’s two player and yeah. Credit to Pushbar on Newgrounds for the music. Red Box: W,A,D for movement and the B key to swing yo sword. Green Box: Arrow keys and the , (comma) [...]
Gate guard You should defense gate from angry zombies, they are coming and want to destroy city gate but with your car you should kill all of them.
Avoidal Help the red robot Avoidal in this fun and exciting Action & Arcade game! Fast-paced gameplay Exciting action Help the red robot Avoidal!
Avalanche Hop your way to the top of the blocks as you play Avalanche. In this quick-moving online game, you must leap from block to block to avoid the rising pink liquid. Use arrow keys to [...]
Astro Chaser Pilot your ship through tricky and windy mazes, and avoid dangerous bullets. Become a master at Astro Chaser and zip around the entire universe! Upgrade your weapons to take out th [...]
Astro Avenger 2 A hostile alien fleet threatens the future of humankind in Astro Avenger 2. The stunning sequel to the classic arcade shooter game pits you against the aliens in a ferocious battle [...]
Asteroids Revenge Help an asteroid get its revenge by destroying the evil humans, who have been terrorizing these peaceful space rocks! Gain allies and use other powerups on your quest to avenge you [...]