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Optical Tracer Slalom through space with precision to pass through the gates. If you fail to pass the required number of gates in a level, you lose a life. You’re given three lives. Give it [...]
Steam Pirate Information: Play as a legendary pirate of the 7 seas and skies! Defend your treasure maps using your dual swords and dual pistols. And if that’s not enough, drop some butt-k [...]
Smack-A-Lot : Zombie A simple smack the zombie newgrounds game with left and right hand with the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys. It includes a¬†countdown mode and a hyper edition. Thank you.
Aerial Avenger After your colleague is murdered, it is up to you to become the Aerial Avenger and blast your way towards vengeance! Destroy your countless enemies using bullets and missiles, whil [...]
Adventure Ho! Brave warrior, King Ragnok needs your help. His only daughter, the beautiful Princess Gertrude, is being held prisoner in a castle at the edge of the kingdom. Battle through 10 tre [...]
Achievements & Medals Collect your Achievements and Medals in this fast-paced Action & Arcade newgrounds game! Fast-paced newgrounds gameplay Intense action Collect your Achievements and Medals!
Abstract Arcade Defend your ship and stay alive, while enemies attack you from all sides! Use power ups and SlowMotion to level the playing field in this colorful Shooter. Abstract Arcade also has [...]
Absolute Zero Save and destroy! Rescue stranded astronauts and obliterate prowling enemy aliens in this thrilling arcade shooter! Cut your teeth in training mode before undertaking a series of d [...]
9 Ball Challenge Play some 9 Ball and plot each shot carefully! Fast-paced newgrounds gameplay Intense action Play some 9 Ball!
5 Til You have five minutes to find and disarm a heavily guarded, biological weapon before it explodes in this thrilling action newgrounds game! Fly, run, sneak, rapel, and shoot your wa [...]